Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the Rise of AI

How to Boost Nutraceutical Landing Page Conversions by 100%

Q: What’s the most indispensable marketing tool on the entire internet? A: Good landing pages. Indeed, landing pages are the engines driving all marketing campaigns. Or at least they should be.

What Will Happen To Home Prices?: Immediate, Short – Term, Intermediate, And Longer!

Since, no one, has, yet, been able to discover, a Crystal Ball, which can, consistently, identify, the future, and real estate – related, market trends, and behavior, it makes sense, for, real estate professionals, as well as qualified, potential buyers, and sellers/ homeowners, to better – understand, some of the factors, which impact home pricing, and prices! While pricing is what one lists his house for, on the market, prices, are, what it actually, sells – for! Since, we are presently, witnessing, one of the fastest – rising (in terms of pricing) markets, in recent memory, many are asking, what…

If Leaders Don’t Do RIGHT, Their Groups Will Go Wrong!

After, over four decades, of personal involvement, in, nearly, everything, related to effectively, leading, from identifying, and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, to, serving, personally, as a leader, on several occasions, I am concerned, about the apparent, dearth of genuine leadership, we are witnessing, in far – too – many, organizations, these days! Many groups seem to have lost – their = way, either, because, their mission, is no longer, relevant, and needs to be tweaked, and evaluated, to make it, more meaningful, and sustainable, or, because, they have found challenges,…

Billy Budd, Novella and Opera, Herman Melville, Benjamin Britten

Billy Budd is both novel and opera. A young sailor is the victim of a cynical conspiracy, a cynical abuse of power. Herman Melville’s story, adapted by E M Forster as a libretto for Benjamin Britten, presents an all male cast aboard ship. Homosexual guilt in an age where the practice was ungodly forms the central idea in this complex tale of class, subservience, power and conscience. It is doubly a masterpiece.

Without Equal JUSTICE, Won’t US Lose Its Way?

For a nation, founded, based on certain Constitutional guarantees, including the Bill of Rights, and the essential commitment, All men are considered equal, and With liberty and justice, for all, shouldn’t we concerned by recent events, etc, indicating these concepts are, at – best, being, only, selectively, applied, and the number of hate – crimes, within this nation, at, or, near, record – highs? If we don’t demand, equal JUSTICE, for all, and significantly, reduce, the hate – filled, polarizing, rhetoric, and vitriol, sooner, rather than later, the future of our system of a democratic republic, based on guaranteed rights, and freedoms, is, at -…

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