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Melchizedek King of Salem

Melchizedek, who is he? Melchizedek is mentioned three times in the Bible. King of Salem. Where is Salem and what is it called now?

Mother Wounds: Can A Man Believe That Men Are Worthless If He Had An Abusive Mother?

Now that someone is a man and no longer a boy, it could be said that his childhood will be behind him. This stage of his life will be well and truly over, so it won’t matter what took place during this time.

Spooning a Banana

Sometimes we see a new human behavior. Or, did we see a person do something weird?

Father Wounds: Can A Man Carry A Sense Of Violation If He Had An Abusive Father?

If a man was to take a step back and reflect on his life, he may see that he is often walked over and treated badly by others. There may have been moments when he thinks that the world is against him.

I Didn’t Do It My Way

I don’t think I’ve learned very much during my life. I just bounce from day to day and take what comes. The one thing I did learn as I look back is, for the most part, I didn’t do it my way. Remember Frank Sinatra and his song, “I Did It My Way?” I would have liked to ask him, how’s that been working for you? Whenever we do everything our way, there is a consequence. You know what they say that for every action, there is a consequence. By the time the consequence hits you in the face, it’s too late to make any changes. When I ever did something “my way,” it never really worked out.

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